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Lupe Ledesma is an award-winning realtor since 1987. During the process of purchasing her first home, Lupe realized that the profession of a Real estate Agent was for her. Also having studied Urban Planning and Structural Design, a career in real estate was a natural outcome.

She valued all the qualities that involved going into sales, the hard work and commitment, the dedication to detail that goes into each transaction, but above all assisting first time buyers acquire their dream home, helping homeowners to sell at the top price of the market and investors to make the most profitable acquisition. Her first year proved to be a successful one, consistently becoming the top number one –

sales agent almost every month of the year, and it foreshadowed the professional success that she would accomplish in the next 3 decades to come. Although she had reached a considerable top position very early on in her profession she decided to invest heavily into a marketing campaign that would promote her services and the long list of properties she was in charge of selling. This was the catalyst that would solidify her status as a top-producing agent. Remarkably she had been able to manage all the work on her own up to that point, but the high volume of clients she was experiencing would require some help. It is then that she decided to hire her daughter, Paulina for what should have been a temporary period of time but became a full time position until today. The combination of Lupe´s top notch negotiation skills and her daughters administrative and service oriented qualities made them a highly qualified professional team. As the number of sales increased further, Lupe was able to have her husband and her other two daughters, Ivonne and Lupita join her to complete a successful real estate family team. Together they would eventually create a highly successful marketing and sales system that would provide the best real estate service in the GTA. She has kept herself up to date with the changing housing market, by taking numerous real estate courses. Lupe also went on to provide the public with many live seminars that would both inspire and inform potential homebuyers and sellers.

Combining both the personal aspects of her life along with her dedication to a successful career has been challenging and at the same time very rewarding. Apart from her professional life, Lupe enjoys spending time with her large family, as well as being involved in all the social and charitable aspects within her Latin American community.

Lupe’s positive and charismatic personality, tenacious drive, impressive track record and business expertise has been the formula for the success she revels in. With strength and optimism, Lupe is a living example of dedication and perseverance in her field. She has been an inspiration to many who want to achieve success and financial stability by investing in real estate.

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